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Content Considerations

It will be tough to describe yourself or your business and to assure your website best reflects your brand. I suggest you ask others what they think about your services or products and use their comments to help mold your site's content.
Things to Consider:
  • Perhaps offer a survey to get outside opinions 
  • Make notes of your clients' comments at points of sale.
  • Keep your content short and to the point - bullets work well since they encourage readership, unlike long paragraphs.
  • Be sure to double-check grammar and spelling
  • Re-read your text to make sure what you're saying is accurate
  • Think about how you want your readers to navigate through your site
    • Make an outline of THE MOST IMPORTANT topics you want to relay to your customers
    • Site navigation is the most critical thought process to assure your site fullfills yours and your clients' needs.

Graphic Design & Layout

Equally important to the success of your site is the choice of fonts, colors and its overall layout. I will make suggestions to help things flow smoothly. I usually try to make several 'drafts' of designs to present to you before building the entire site - but it really expidites the design process if you can let me know websites you've found that you really like. So do some surfing and make some notes.
Things to consider:
  • The layout should avoid clutter - I'm sure you've visited sites that try to have the entire content of the Internet on their homepage.
  • There are an infinite number of ways to design your website and when you set upon a design you like, keep its look and feel throughout your site - this assures continuity of your brand anf helps the reader navigate through your content pages.
  • I occasionaly 'corral' text within color blocks to make the text area stand out and to minimize harsh white backgrounds that may make reading hard on the eyes - especially with the brilliant displays most modern computers now offer. This paragraph is an example of what I'm describing. This is optional - - you can let me know your preference.
  • Since nearly 50% of all Internet visitors now use mobile devises (cell phones and iPads) it is important to include 'responsive design' in building your site. This is a technique that allows the display to shrink and expand relative to the device's screen width without losing key design/layout elements or create confusing navigation. Click HERE for a short video that demonstrates this.
  • Choice of fonting is also important. Keep the 'character' of the font family in line with your site's theme.
  • The color theme should promote the 'mood' you're trying to create. For example:
    • Light, joyous, delicate
    • Dark, serious, heavy

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